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Prague, Czech Republic


GROWTH: Marketing, GROWTH: Business Development, PEOPLE: Development


Ivana Sediva is an experienced leader from Prague, Czech Republic. She has spent almost 30 years on the board level of the top global companies like McDonald's, Tesco or Jonson&Johnson. She has mentored more than 300 startups and SME just in the past year, around the globe. Ivana is also a Google certified facilitator for OKR, People Lab and Storytelling. Ivana combines a unique expertise from both corporate and startup worlds. Her educational background includes postgraduate studies and title from an Artificial Intelligence as well as MBA. Her speciality involves: business and brand vision, purpose, values business and marketing strategies branding and communication team and organisation design and development leadership development incl. role of the founder/ CEO in the evolving organisation influencing and negotiation During her carrier, Ivana has served mostly as the chief marketing officer. She was also responsible for process and project approach transformations. Her roles involved both local as well as international ones. Due to the diverse background and experience, she is able to provide additional value by highlighting the unseen opportunities and drivers for success. Ivana is a scuba diver and lives in a family of 7 people, 3 dogs and a parrot.