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Hilit Maayan
Tel-Aviv, Israel


DESIGN: UX / Interaction, PRODUCT: Management, PEOPLE: Management


Hilit Maayan, PhD, Israel. VP Product Strategy @ PlayerMaker. Hilit received her Ph.D. from Haifa University, majoring in Human Factors Engineering and Cognitive Psychology. Her multidisciplinary B.A. was in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv university. Hilit earned her seniority on crafting digital products while working as a professional user experience architect on various projects. In the last few years Hilit focuses on start-ups, turning vision into action and product-market fit processes. Before PlayerMaker, Hilit established & managed product & design teams in Trax (Singapore), Retalix, Intel (Israel) and others. Hilit’s motivation is around solving complexities. Her passion is to live in harmony with nature. Fun fact? – Hilit has about ~15 cats at her garden.