Hai Habot
Belmont, CA, United States


PRODUCT: Development, PRODUCT: Management, DESIGN: Research / Testing, PEOPLE: KPIs / OKRs, PEOPLE: Operations, PEOPLE: Management, PEOPLE: Development, PEOPLE: Hiring, GROWTH: Fundraising, GROWTH: Partnerships, GROWTH: Brand, GROWTH: Marketing


Hai is an experienced silicon valley based tech executive and entrepreneur, focused on strategy, product and growth. Currently serving as the founder and CEO of a VC backed startup and co-founder of a venture studio, Hai previously held leadership positions at various startups (including 1 IPO and 3 additional exits), as well as large public companies (Walmart, eBay) where he led product, growth and innovation teams. Hai also served as an advisor to multiple B2B and B2C startups (Media, eCommerce, Developer Tools, SaaS, ML, Robotics, Computer Vision), mentor in multiple accelerator programs, speaker in conferences and occasional investor. Hai holds LLB and LLM degrees as well as MA in Marketing and MBA.