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Franco Pellegrini
Buenos Aires, Argentina


DESIGN: Visual / Interface, DESIGN: UX / Interaction, PRODUCT: Development


I am UX Director for Supply Experience at MercadoLibre. With a beautiful team in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. Franco is currently writing his PhD thesis in communication and design. Additionally he has an MBA from the UADE business school, a bachelor's degree in graphic design from UADE, a postgraduate degree in communication design theory from UBA. Previusly, I was Customer Experience Leader at Banco Galicia, in charge of research and design projects applied to products and services. Additionally, I am a consultant in the citizen experiences design in the BAUX laboratory of the General Direction of Digital Management of the Subsecretariat of Intelligent City of the Ministry of Modernization, Innovation and Technology of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. Since 2003, I have collaborated with various advertising, marketing and rrpp agencies such as Grey, G2, MG54, Edelman, Name Agency, among others; serving customers such as P & G, Unilever, Coca-Cola, GSK, VW, Audi, Zurich, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Banelco, Pago My accounts, among others. Since 2007, I have been teaching at the ISP of the AAP (Argentine Association of Advertising) and UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa), teaching professorships related to advertising, marketing, digital convergence, crossmedia, design, usability, user and customer experience, innovation, video games, content management and project management. As speaker I participated in events such as Sonar + D, International Biennial of Architecture, TEDx UADE, PuraUX, Hub Talks Weekend of Centro Cultural San Martín. I have given lectures at institutions such as the IED (UB (UB), UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Escola Superior de Relacions Públiques de Barcelona, Universitat Adventista del Plata) and business conferences for Despegar, Dafiti , BAUX, City Government, Techo Argentina, LOLA Barcelona, Massive Digital Agency, among other organizations.