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Eyal Gruss
Tel Aviv, Israel


TECH: Machine Learning, TECH: Artificial Intelligence, TECH: Development


Dr. Eyal Gruss is a machine learning researcher, consultant and teacher, working mainly in image and and language processing. Eyal has a diverse industry background, including medical, financial, cyber, sensors, ads, web, real-estate and creative. Eyal holds a PhD in physics, and is a Talpiyot graduate. He is a mentor for Google for Startups and gave hundreds of lectures and workshops on machine learning and computational creativity to both professionals and the general public. Eyal also hosted 3 mini-residencies for new-media artists, and he teaches a computational creativity lab for design students in WIZO Haifa school of design and Holon Institute of Technology. Eyal is also a failed entrepreneur, and a guerrilla social activist. But if you ask him, he would probably say he is an artist working with code, media and text.