Ejimonye Ofodum
Lagos, Nigeria


PEOPLE: Leadership, GROWTH: Partnerships, PEOPLE: Operations


My name is Ejimonye Ofodum but I am popularly referred to as Jim. I am from Nigeria and work at Fichaya as CEO. I studied BSc Economics and Management from Aston University, Birmingham, UK. My career has started in Telecoms and have been part for top Fintech startups such as Flutterwave and Pocket by Piggyvest. Also, from my experience being a part of startups and being a startup founder myself, I decided to support other startup founders and teams so I wrote a course on Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship 101: Setting Up Your Company Operations for Success). I dedicate a few hours engaging founders and supporting them on navigating growth, operations processes and just general mental health support as a founder. Fun fact: I love TV SHOWS. When I am not working, I am usually catching up on genres such as reality tv shows, legal tv shows and documentaries. I have recently being super interested in re-igniting my interest in Long tennis so I am working towards playing with a community of women founders/career women.