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Diana Sarlinska
Warsaw, Poland


PRODUCT: Management, DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Research / Testing


Experienced Design Manager with 15 years of experience in areas of Product & Service Design. Currently developing an open observability platform at Grafana Labs (start-up). Prior to Grafana Labs, Diana was a Senior Service Designer at Aktan, and a Chief Designer at Making Waves (Design and Tech consultancy) – responsible for building and managing a design team. She has completed projects throughout the markets of Scandinavia and Central Europe, on a remote, multidisciplinary, and international teams. She has extensive experience as a Lead Designer, coordination of multiple designers and major delivery processes. Her experience, knowledge and tools encompass the fields of Research (qualitative and quantitative research to identify unmet customer needs and support product development, designing experiments to validate/invalidate hypothesis), Interaction Design, Service/Product Design, and facilitation of Innovation Processes.