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Cholho Jong
Seoul, Korea Republic of


TECH: Architecture, PRODUCT: Management, DESIGN: Emerging Technology


1. Cholho Jong, Seoul, Google Cloud 2. Master’s degree in MBA and BA in Computer Science / Proven experience as a customer success manager, cloud specialist, solution architect, and technical consultant in NASDAQ listed IT Company (Google, ORACLE, HP); Currently working at Google Cloud as a Customer Success Manager for Samsung; APAC cloud specialist for application development and emerging technologies, especially for blockchain, chatbot, container-native, and mobile; CEO/CTO of a venture company 3. Senior business and technical leader with more than 24 years of combined experience in sales, pre-sales, consulting, architecting, project management, business development and R&D of ICT platforms and services including mobile, open API, mashup, SOA, etc. 4. Digital transformation, Start-ups, Highly interested in Continuous Learning & Development by nature