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Bruno Rodrigues
Austin, Texas, United States


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Machine Learning, GROWTH: Business Development


Bruno Rodrigues was born in Brazil, grew up in Canada and now lives in Austin, Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M with a Double Major in International Commerce & French in 2014. His career kicked off in Cyber Security when he took on a role helping manage Enterprise and Federal Government accounts for Websense. From there he worked with Partners, SaaS companies & Startups before starting at Google in 2018. Since joining Google, he has deepened his knowledge of technology having worked with customers across North America on projects such as on-prem to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud migrations & helping organizations unlock the value Google-backed technologies such as Machine Learning & Kubernetes. He is passionate about working with Founders and helping them launch globally scalable, reliable & secure companies. There is nothing more rewarding than making others' dreams come true!