Bojana Jam
Barcelona, Spain


DESIGN: UX / Interaction, DESIGN: Research / Testing, DESIGN: Visual / Interface


The types of products I've worked on include a developer tool, an embeddable notification inbox, a homeschooling platform, an online task marketplace maker, an innovative teaming platform, a form maker, and a payment app, among others. Currently I'm a Principal Designer at Elastic Search. Previously, I scaled with the Product Design team at Typeform as the company doubled three times in four years. My role evolved while reporting to the CDO, from a senior designer to leading the product design team. We grew from three to eleven full-time designers and this master class in adaptability was transformative and included navigating a complete redesign of the Typeform app, a new brand, and developing the Product Vision. I'm inspired by design in the service of a solution and influenced by my background in Architecture. I bring the experience with a wide range of SaaS products, strategic thinking, and an open mind.