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Ben Gaiarin
New York City, United States


    GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Sales, TECH: Machine Learning


    Ben has 3+ years of experience managing AI/software projects at climate tech organizations in the U.S. Ben was the 3rd employee of a Cambridge-based, early-stage EV charging startup, where he led the company's early ML, geospatial, consulting and sales efforts. Prior to that, Ben served as the first data scientist at a small, CA-based environmental NGO, leading computer vision research in river plastic pollution and wildlife monitoring domains. At Google, Ben is a technical program manager at Research–and is currently contributing to a range of projects involving large language modeling, climate change information quality, compute resourcing, and carbon accounting. Ben grew up in Virginia, has a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford, and can happily chat for hours about cooking, groceries and food systems.