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antony mirie
San Francisco, United States


GROWTH: Fundraising, GROWTH: Business Development, PRODUCT: Management


Antony Mirie is Kenyan-born and currently based in the US. He is a Product Strategy Manager at Meta (formerly Facebook) where he focuses on Commerce and Payments. He holds a BS in Economics from George Mason University and an MBA from MIT Sloan. In his current role, he works with Product leaders on the strategic direction and roadmap development in Payments and Commerce. His previous experiences include Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship (Energy and Data Analytics), and other tech roles. He is also an Angel investor. Antony is excited about technology in the Emerging Markets, and particularly Africa. He believes entrepreneurs hold the key to unlocking Africa's potential and seeks opportunities to engage wherever possible. Fun fact: He has moved to a new city every ~2 years for the last decade +.