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Anselm Tan
Singapore, Singapore


GROWTH: Partnerships, GROWTH: Fundraising, PEOPLE: Management


Anselm Tan is Partner at Philips Ventures. At Philips, he oversees all venture investments in ASEAN Pacific and India, to drive change and improvement in healthcare. He has extensive experience engaging innovation ecosystems to drive value, including serving on the boards of startup companies, on the judging panels of startup pitches, and as an evaluation panel member of Startup SG Tech and the Center of Medical Technologies & Innovations. Anselm is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of venture capital and private equity experience in Asia. Prior to that, he held roles in finance and engineering with Standard Chartered Bank and the Defence Science & Technology Agency. Anselm is Singaporean, FCCA, and holds an Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree from Nanyang Technology University. He enjoys spending time with his family along the many walking trails around Singapore.