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Ana Echeverri
Medellin, Colombia


GROWTH: Marketing, DESIGN: UX / Interaction, GROWTH: Business Development


She connects business, technology and marketing with life purpose. She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, mentor, consultant, leader and speaker. She is co-founder of Medea Interactiva (, a company with 17 years of experience that uses technologies such as video games, simulation and virtual reality to generate training and communication experiences in companies in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, Canada and Mexico. She has sought that technology be thought from people and for people and from there she has created and diversified solutions, products and services for the company and her own life. She is a Google mentor - coach in the @WomenTechmakers program, helping women in LATAM to train and train to be leaders and mentors. Her passion is to empower women to advance their careers, monetize their knowledge and scale their businesses through the use of technology. She led a virtual congress with the participation of 57 women speakers, and with organic traffic and through affiliate marketing strategies, she managed to reach more than 6,000 people in more than 15 different countries. She is a corporate consultant, she has created her methodologies on topics such as user experience and learning experience for corporate training connecting the virtual with the face-to-face. She has also specialized in digital marketing (Florida Global University), and has been part of the "Bridge to Masschallenge" program in Boston and the Google Female Founders Summit in San Francisco. She has been volunteering for more than 10 years in organizations that support female entrepreneurship, in institutions such as MET Community, Tribu Femenina and Fundación Tribu Femenina, leading female transformation initiatives that include working from the self, entrepreneurship and technology.