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Ameen Altajer
Manama, Bahrain


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Performance, TECH: Security


Ameen is the CEO of INFINITEWARE, an artificial intelligence company based in Bahrain that provides products and services to several clients across the globe, INFINITEWARE has been working with large clients such as Saudi Aramco, STC, Zain and the government of Bahrain. A Google Developer Expert (GDE) in machine learning and a recognized veteran speaker and a technical authority who spoke at major tech businesses ranging from Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and at huge conferences spanning Bahrain, Lebanon, Dubai and the rest of the world. Ameen has been in the software business for more than 15 years, Ameen used to work in R&D in Saudi Aramco and the US, his experience spans multiple technical disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), security and penetration testing, 3D programming and simulation, hardware design and programming, he’s the founder of the game development scene in Bahrain where he teaches the magic of game development and AI. An author with courses on artificial intelligence and blockchain, he also trains professionals in Bahrain's biggest financial institute: Bahrain Institute of Business and Finance (BIBF) where he teaches artificial intelligence, ethical hacking and blockchain, he's been training thousands of professionals in and off Bahrain. Ameen is reachable through all major social media networks at @ameenaltajer and can access his website on: