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Adebunmi Wellington
Lagos, Nigeria


PRODUCT: Development, PRODUCT: Management, PEOPLE: Development


Adebunmi Wellington-Ogunlewe is a Product & Innovation Leader with extensive financial & information technology expertise, and about twenty three years of experience. She has proven strengths in strategy building and transforming organizations into successful entities. She holds an advanced degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland. Her experience spans across a variety of industries and multi-national organizations to include several stints with United States Government agencies. She is the Founder of Product Dojo, a leading Product Management Consulting Firm and Coaching & Mentorship Centre in Nigeria, with a goal to minimize the rate of failed Products in Africa by building masterful Product people (Product Managers, Designers and Dev.) She is also the Founder of Credo, Africa’s first Social Payments Platform creating Smarter Payments for everyone. Adebunmi enjoys building great teams, and products consumers love. As a passionate product and business development leader, Bunmi has performed in various leadership roles successfully developing and implementing creative technology, and payment solutions with over 20 enterprise applications under her belt. Notably, she established a Product Management and Innovation Unit in premier and leading fintech in Nigeria, refocusing development on customer/market needs for faster go-to market with quality delivery; innovating, revamping and reviving 16+ product portfolio which generates over $355 million in revenue. Bunmi possesses an exceptional capacity to enter new environments and immediately produce clear-cut results. She always seems to create meaningful, scalable and innovative experiences for both consumer and enterprise businesses.