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Adam Savitz
London, UK


GROWTH: Partnerships, GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Brand


Adam Savitz is based in London and currently a Managing Director with Xynteo. He graduated from Leeds University’s School of Earth and Environment, in the UK with a BSc in Environmental Science and an MA in Environment and Business. Prior to Xynteo where he has worked with global leaders for the last six years, Adam spent eight years with PwC's Sustainability & Climate Change team in London and New York, where he worked with a large number of companies to develop and refine many of the first sustainability strategies. Adam begun his career working for a number of years at Innovest (now MSCI), assessing sustainability, ESG risk and strategic profit opportunities for investors and the wider investment community. Adam was a mentor on the first GFS SDG Accelerator and a passionate sportsman, kept constantly challenged by my four lively kids.