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Abhinuv Pitale
San Diego, United States


DESIGN: Prototyping, DESIGN: Research / Testing, DESIGN: Emerging Technology


Abhinuv is currently working at Google as a part of the consumer health research team as a research scientist. He has a Master's in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech, and has completed his Bachelors in Electronics from Maharashtra Institute of Technology. Abhinuv is current research is on improving sensors & algorithms used for consumer health industry. His work at his previous startup, was focused on developing solutions for autonomous aviation along with multidisciplinary teams building an autonomous eVTOL aircraft. Abhinuv's expertise lies in building and debugging complex control systems involving multi-modal sensors. He loves working in interdisciplinary roles to prototype solutions to interesting engineering challenges. Abhinuv has also worked part-time on representing his previous company's carbon emissions vertical, understanding the challenges and surveying the landscape for potential solutions for an eVTOL aircraft manufacturing company.