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A 10-week digital accelerator program for high potential cloud-native technology startups in Canada.
The Google Cloud Accelerator Canada is a 10-week accelerator program for cloud-native Canadian SaaS or ML/AI startups. The accelerator is designed to bring the best of Google's programs, products, people and technology to startups doing interesting work in the Cloud. In addition to Cloud mentorship and technical project support, the accelerator also includes deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for startup founders and leaders.

Program benefits

Equity-free support
Exclusive invitations to technical bootcamps hosted by Google
Personalized cloud mentorship and technical support from Google experts
The opportunity to provide feedback to Google product teams

Accelerator Alumni

Vancouver, BC

An end-to-end audio creation platform used by digital publications to convert their written work into great-sounding audio, instantly.

Victoria, British Columbia

Audette is accelerating the low-carbon revolution in commercial real estate. Their platform allows large-portfolio asset managers to plan their net-zero transitions and access capital from impact investors to make it happen.

Toronto, Ontario

BioBox is a data analytics platform designed for clinicians and scientists working with genomic data. The BioBox platform aims to enhance collaboration, accelerate projects, and support scientists and labs through a lifetime of research. The seamless integration between end-to-end tools and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data provides scientists with the ability to rapidly analyze and explore their research on demand.

Montréal, QC

Booxi is an appointment scheduling software designed for retailers. Their mission is to make commerce more human and help retailers offer a personalized experience to every customer.

Saskatoon, SK

Cadence is a digital executor assistant, supported by Certified Executor Advisors. Their web app automates estate settlement tasks.

Toronto, Ontario

Healthcare is the biggest expense in retirement, the number one reason for bankruptcy, and currently the top financial concern for North Americans—and yet, financial advisors are not equipped to incorporate healthcare into their financial planning process. Caribou is a healthcare planning and navigation solution for financial advisors to differentiate themselves, build deeper client relationships, and be better life planners.

Toronto, ON

F8th's continuous authentication transparently and passively authenticates users and detects fraudsters in real time without impacting the user experience.

Waterloo, Ontario

Every day, there are 17 pedestrians and 2 cyclists killed in crashes with vehicles, and over 120,000 people fall or slip on sidewalks. Studies show that most of these accidents occur due to infrastructure problems, including poor curb cuts, lack of visibility, obstacles, narrow walkways, and steep slopes. That's where GeoMate comes in. GeoMate is a location intelligence platform that leverages AI to map the accessibility and safety of cities.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Goose Insurance is an InsurTech Challenger building a platform to solve consumer under- insurance. Through the Goose Insurance Super-App, consumers will be able to access up to 30 lines of completely self-serve insurance.

Burlington, ON

IRIS is a smart cities infrastructure technology company. They help urban and rural communities extend the life of their public infrastructure.

Toronto, Ontario

loopt™ is an ecommerce platform that enables rental subscriptions for everyday items like fashion, furniture, toys, and more.

Montreal, Québec

nesto offers a positive, empowering, and transparent home-financing experience, simplified from start to finish.

Waterloo, Ontario

NURO is the architect of the NUOS neurological platform allowing non-invasive communication and computing control by the brain.

Calgary, Alberta

For homebuilders, offers a scalable catalogue-personalization platform that tailors the home-buying experience to each unique individual. By leveraging AI-powered technology, the platform predicts what home buyers need while providing powerful data to help home builders understand their unique market and their buyers, resulting in a 100% increase in online lead conversions and a 15% increase in sales velocity.

Toronto, ON

Origami is a spatial computing company that makes it easy to scan a physical environment using the LiDAR in your phone and create a 3D digital twin that rivals output from professional scanning equipment.

Richmond Hill, ON

PharmaGuide specializes in equipping healthcare providers with solutions to increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Through direct integrations with multiple health platforms, they can intelligently analyze data and flag patients that could benefit from treatment modifications.

Toronto, ON

Schoolio OS aims to bridge teachers, parents, and tutors into a single ecosystem, focusing on education transparency, inclusive curriculum, and a holistic approach to success measurement.

Montréal, QC

Shaddari Inc. is a precision medicine company that has developed AI that can tell instantly whether a vaccine will be efficient against a new variant of a virus.

Markham, ON

SmartONE creates smart communities by connecting the smart homes in multi-family residential developments over a common network to transform community living.

Ottawa, Ontario

Loyalty programs are critical to securing the survival of restaurant businesses nowadays—be them small, midsize, or large. Spoonity offers high-quality end-to-end loyalty programs that integrate throughout the entire customer journey in order to create truly customizable loyalty experiences.

Vancouver, BC

Tiggy is a 15-minute grocery delivery service on a mission to forever change the way we buy everyday essentials.

Québec City, Québec

UEAT is a smart online ordering system. It allows restaurateurs to create highly relevant, personalized, and non-intrusive online ordering experiences for their customers. UEAT’s online ordering system gives restaurateurs access to their customer data and deep analytics. These insights become the rock-solid foundation of any profitable restaurant’s marketing and operations.

Toronto, Ontario

Vantage helps retailers safely unlock their proprietary shopping data and better partner with brands on marketing. Most retailers only run analytics partnerships and collaborative marketing partnerships with a small percentage of their top brands. With Vantage, retailers can now safely unlock first-party shopping data, analytics, and marketing capabilities to the long tail of vendor brands to deliver personalized online ad and promotional experiences easily.

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