Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Pricing

The following is the list of prices for Google Cloud Platform services. You can also use our Google Cloud Pricing Calculator to better understand pricing for different sizes and configurations of applications.

Google App Engine

Pricing for Google App Engine can be found on the App Engine Pricing page. Each App Engine application can consume a fixed amount of computing resources for free, defined by a set of quotas. If your application needs more resources you can make it a paid app by enabling billing and linking to a credit card or bank account for automatic payment.

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine offers a variety of performance configurations for virtual machine instances in the US and Europe. Discounts are given for sustained use. The billing model for these instances is listed below, on the Google Compute Engine Pricing page.

Google Cloud Datastore

The paid and free tier for Google Cloud Datastore are the same as App Engine. Prices and quotas can be found on the App Engine Pricing page and the App Engine Quotas page respectively. Please note that this will change once the service is released as Generally Available (GA). Also note that Cloud Datastore has a serving component that runs on Google App Engine, so there will be instance hour costs.

Google Cloud SQL

Google offers two billing plans for Cloud SQL: Packages and Per Use. More information on pricing for Google Cloud SQL can be found on the Cloud SQL Pricing page.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage pricing is based on usage. Pricing for Google Cloud Storage can be found on the Cloud Storage Pricing page.

Google BigQuery Service

BigQuery offers flexible on-demand pricing available via self-signup. This provides maximum flexibility for customers with highly variable analytic workloads who desire a pay-as-you-go model. BigQuery supports analysis of petabytes of data, thus we also provide reserved capacity pricing for customers with consistent or larger workloads.

More information on pricing for the Google BigQuery Service can be found on the BigQuery Pricing page.

Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud DNS pricing is based on usage. Usage charges for Google Cloud DNS can be found on the Cloud DNS Pricing page.

Google Prediction API

The Google Prediction API offers a free quota and a paid usage tier with a 99.9% availability SLA. More information on pricing for the Prediction API is available on the Prediction API Pricing page.

Google Translate API

Google Translate API pricing is based on usage. Translation usage is calculated in millions of characters (M), where 1 M = 106 characters. The usage charges for Google Translate API can be found on the Translate API Pricing page.

Technical Support Service (TSS)

Description Monthly price USD
Bronze support level FREE
Silver support level Fixed fee $150
Gold support level Greater of (i) $400
OR (ii) 9% of other Services Fees from 0 - $10K
+ 7% of other Services Fees from >$10K - $50K
+ 5% of other Services Fees from >$50K - $200K
+ 3% of other Services Fees from >$200K+

Example: for a Customer on the Gold TSS level, if Customer incurs $202,000 in other (i.e. non-TSS) Services Fees during a given month, then Customer would be required to pay the following for its monthly TSS Fees: (9% x $10,000) + (7% x $40,000) + (5% x $150,000) + (3% x $2,000) = $11,260.

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