Handle revisions after manual deletes

When the Cloud Search gets a delete item request, it doesn't immediately remove the entire item. Instead, Cloud Search performs a soft delete by marking the item as deleted and removing a subset of item information, such as the ACLs, content, structured data, and metadata. Other information, such as the item version, is retained.

If a re-indexing request provides a version greater than the existing value, re-indexing that item while it is in a soft delete state restores the item.

An item is marked as deleted for 7-10 days after which Cloud Search performs a hard delete to permanently delete the item. The item ceases to exist and its version number no longer refers to that specific item.

Maintain consistent item versions

Your content connector should handle versioning of items. However, if you delete an item outside of your connector logic using items.delete you must do one of the following to ensure reindexing can be successful:

  • Reindex your content after the hard delete (7-10 days).
  • When manually deleting an item, use the actual item version, which you can obtain by calling items.get , instead of a random string, such as "None.".

If you don't follow one of these suggestions, an error occurs during indexing and indexing fails.