Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. Please see the support article for help migrating.

Submit Print Jobs

This section will help application developers looking to enable Google Cloud Print printing in their web, mobile, or native apps. The following three ways to submit print jobs to GCP are documented:

  • GCP Web Element: Allows for very simple third-party integration with GCP via a small amount of JavaScript code. It uses a standard printing dialog to create and submit PDF print jobs, and requires that the desired document already be available on the web (and not just on the user’s computer).
  • GCP Intent: Allows developers to easily integrate GCP into their Android applications.
  • Python Code Samples: Provides sample code for the major interactions with the GCP service interfaces over HTTP GET / POST. Of particular relevance, see the Authentication and Printer Jobs sections of the code. Print jobs can be submitted directly to GCP's /submit interface via HTTP POST.
  • Service Interfaces: Documents the service interfaces exposed by GCP that are relevant to submitting print jobs.


This document is intended for use by application developers. The GCP Web Element is simple enough for use by webmasters lacking application development training. The service interfaces require a more complex level of integration, but also allow for more advanced functionality.