Release Notes

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13 November 2023: Developer Preview: Rubrics CRUD

Rubrics CRUD is available as part of the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program, which grants early access to certain features. This feature allows developers to manage Classroom rubrics on behalf of teachers. See the roadmap to learn more about participating in preview features.

26 June 2023: Non-breaking error code change for Invited Users

The following endpoints now return a 404 error for requests from Invited Users (a teacher or student that has been invited to a course but has not yet accepted). Previously these endpoints returned a 403:

  • courses.courseWork.create
  • courses.courseWork.delete
  • courses.courseWork.get
  • courses.courseWork.patch
  • courses.courseWorkMaterials.create
  • courses.courseWorkMaterials.delete
  • courses.courseWorkMaterials.get
  • courses.courseWorkMaterials.patch
  • courses.announcements.create
  • courses.announcements.delete
  • courses.announcements.get
  • courses.announcements.patch

The following related endpoints are unaffected:

  • courses.courseWork.list
  • courses.courseWork.modifyAssignees
  • courses.courseWorkMaterials.list
  • courses.announcements.list
  • courses.announcements.modifyAssignees

8 August 2022: Grade category and gradebook settings

It is now possible to retrieve the grade category for coursework and gradebook settings for courses using the API.

21 September 2020: Classroom Materials

Developers can now read, write, and modify CourseWork Material items in Classroom:

18 November 2019: New Share Button URL Parameters

2 April 2019: Topics in Classrooom

  • Retrieve, create, edit, and delete Topics in Classroom - now you can organize and retrieve Classwork items in Classroom through the API.

7 August 2018: Push notifications for course work and student submissions

  • Get real-time notifications of changes to course work and student submissions - now you can listen for new assignments being posted, students turning in their submissions, teachers grading submissions, and more

26 September 2017: Push notifications, announcements, and individualized posts

  • Get real-time notifications of roster changes - instead of polling Classroom API endpoints for changes, you can use Google Cloud Pub/Sub to get roster updates for a class or a domain
  • Create and update announcements - in addition to coursework, applications can now create and update announcements in the class stream
  • Create and update individualized posts - applications now have the option to post announcements or coursework to individual students, instead of the whole class

1 August 2017: Transfer course ownership and submission history

  • Update the primary owner of a course (ownerId) with admin credentials, or initiate an invitation for a teacher to become the course owner
  • Access submission history for a student submission

19 June 2017: Schedule coursework, calendar, and verified teachers

Updates to the Classroom API

11 January 2017: Coursework updates

Updates to the coursework endpoints lets applications:

  • Create and update questions
  • Modify and delete coursework
  • Add Drive items and YouTube videos to coursework and student submissions

17 August 2016: Guardians in the Classroom API

Google Classroom generates email summaries of student activities for guardians. The Classroom API has support for guardians. Developers can

  • Invite individuals to become guardians
  • Retrieve a student's invited and active guardians
  • Manage active guardians

  • G Suite for Education admins should confirm their Classroom Data access settings are correct.

  • The Classroom API is now available in Google Apps Script. Try out the QuickStart.

18 May 2016: Coursework added to the Classroom API

The Classroom API now includes coursework - the assignments, questions, student responses, and grades. See the Coursework guide to get started.

08 August 2015: Classroom API now generally available

The Classroom API is now available to all developers and G Suite for Education domains. You no longer need to request access to begin using the API.

29 June 2015: Classroom API now available developer preview

The Classroom API is now available for developer preview. You can sign up now for early access and test accounts.

For the full announcement, see the Google for Education blog.