Bulk Election Data

The US election features of the Google Civic Information API are designed to enable election information lookups for individual addresses. For applications looking to access raw data for other uses in an application, the links below may be useful. Some, but not all, of these data sources are used by the Google Civic Information API. Links below go to external sites and are not part of the Google Civic Information API.

Voting Information Project

Polling Place, Local Election Official and Candidate Data

The Voting Information Project (VIP) works with state and local election officials to help them publish voting information in a standard XML format. Forty states publish through VIP polling place information for at least part of the state. Around twenty-five states also provide contest and candidate information for at least part of their ballot. For the precincts not covered by a published feed, the VIP collects from official sources the polling places information and standardizes the data for publication. Data is available in XML format.

Rules of the Road

In addition to the above, the VIP also collects information about voter ID requirements, information about registering to vote and information about absentee ballots. This data on how a voter votes is nicknames “Rules of the Road” data. All 50 states are provided the opportunity to review the information collected by VIP. The data notes if the state election authority has certified the information as accurate. Data is available in CSV format.

Ballot Information Project

Early Vote Data

The Ballot Information Project collects early vote locations, meaning any locations where a registered voter may vote without first applying for an absentee ballot. This data is tied to the county or city in which a voter must be registered in order to vote at that location. Data is not yet available but is expected by October 15th.

Candidate Data

The Ballot Information Project also collects candidate data and referenda data for all contests down to the county-wide level. In addition to the candidates’ name, party, and incumbency status the dataset also includes the candidates’ mailing address, phone number, website and social media properties where available. Data will be available by October 15th.


US Federal Money and Politics Data Set

Maplight is a nonpartisan research organization that works to track campaign contributions and measure the impact they have on U.S. politics by integrating data on campaign contributions, politicians, legislative votes, industries, companies, and more. Maplight publishes their data linking campaign contribution data and political data sources using Google Fusion Tables.