Ignoring checks

You can temporarily or permanently ignore a check if you don't need to fix it and want to avoid seeing the check in the analysis results. By ignoring a check, you can display results only for checks you need to fix.

ignore checks UI

Reasons to ignore checks

It's possible you may want to ignore a check for any of the following reasons:

  • The check is not relevant to your application. For example, your company doesn't collect the type of data that's mentioned in the check.
  • Your privacy program is not able to take immediate action on the issue and you'd like to wait till sometime in the future to remediate the check.

How to set ignores

Each check has an Ignore button ignore
icon that opens a dialog where you can select how long you want to ignore the check and why you want to ignore it.

When you ignore a check, the check shows who ignored it and lets you edit the period it's ignored, update the reason, or unignore the check.

ignore checks info card