GCKLogger Class

GCKLogger Class Reference


A singleton object used for logging by the framework.

If a delegate is assigned, the formatted log messages are passed to the delegate. Otherwise, the messages are written using NSLog() in debug builds and are discarded otherwise.

Inherits NSObject.

Instance Method Summary

(void) - logFromFunction:message:
 Logs a message. More...

Class Method Summary

(GCKLogger *) + sharedInstance
 Returns the GCKLogger singleton instance. More...


id< GCKLoggerDelegatedelegate
 The delegate to pass log messages to. More...

Method Detail

+ (GCKLogger *) sharedInstance

Returns the GCKLogger singleton instance.

- (void) logFromFunction: (const char *)  function
message: (NSString *)  format
, (2) 

Logs a message.

functionThe calling function, normally __func__.
formatThe format string.

Property Documentation

- (id<GCKLoggerDelegate>) delegate

The delegate to pass log messages to.

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