Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in Google Cast iOS Sender v2 API Reference:
 CGCKApplicationMetadataInformation about a first-screen application
 CGCKAudioStreamDescriptorDescribes the specific parameters of a Remote Display audio stream
 CGCKAVPlayerItemAudioTapAVPlayerItem tap that redirects audio to a Remote Display session
 CGCKAVPlayerItemVideoTapAVPlayerItem tap that redirects video to a Remote Display session
 CGCKCastChannelA GCKCastChannel is used to send and receive messages that are tagged with a specific namespace
 CGCKCastContextA class containing global objects and state for the Cast SDK
 CGCKColorA class that represents an RGBA color
 CGCKDeviceAn object representing a first-screen device
 CGCKDeviceManagerControls a Cast device
 C<GCKDeviceManagerDelegate>The delegate for GCKDeviceManager notifications
 CGCKDeviceScannerA class that (asynchronously) scans for available devices and sends corresponding notifications to its listener(s)
 C<GCKDeviceScannerListener>The listener interface for GCKDeviceScanner notifications
 CGCKErrorThe class for all GCK framework errors
 CGCKFilterCriteriaFilter criteria to be applied to the results of device discovery
 CGCKFrameworkResourcesA singleton object that provides access to the GoogleCast framework's resource bundle
 CGCKGameErrorThe class for all GCK Game framework errors
 CGCKGameManagerChannelA CastChannel for game control operations
 C<GCKGameManagerChannelDelegate>The delegate for GCKGameManagerChannel notifications
 CGCKGameManagerResultResult of a game manager command
 CGCKGameManagerStateRepresents a snapshot of the state of the Game Manager running on the receiver device
 CGCKGenericChannelA generic GCKCastChannel implementation that defers processing of incoming events to a delegate, suitable for use when creating a namespace-specific subclass of GCKCastChannel is not desired
 C<GCKGenericChannelDelegate>The delegate for GCKGenericChannel notifications
 CGCKImageA class that represents an image that is located on a web server
 CGCKJSONUtilsUtility methods for working with JSON data
 CGCKLaunchOptionsReceiver application launch options
 CGCKLoggerA singleton object used for logging by the framework
 C<GCKLoggerDelegate>The GCKLogger delegate interface
 CGCKMediaControlChannelA CastChannel for media control operations
 C<GCKMediaControlChannelDelegate>The delegate for GCKMediaControlChannel notifications
 CGCKMediaInformationA class that aggregates information about a media item
 CGCKMediaMetadataContainer class for media metadata
 CGCKMediaQueueItemA class representing a media queue item
 CGCKMediaStatusA class that holds status information about some media
 CGCKMediaTextTrackStyleA class representing a style for a text media track
 CGCKMediaTrackA class representing a media track
 CGCKMetalVideoFrameInputSpecialization of GCKVideoFrameInput for Metal
 CGCKOpenGLESVideoFrameInputSpecialization of GCKVideoFrameInput for OpenGL ES
 CGCKPlayerInfoRepresents data for a single player
 C<GCKRemoteDisplayAudioBuffer>Protocol for Remote Display audio buffers
 CGCKRemoteDisplayAudioInputConverts and enqueues audio samples to a Remote Display session
 CGCKRemoteDisplayChannelOrchestrates the creation of Remote Display sessions
 C<GCKRemoteDisplayChannelDelegate>Delegate protocol for GCKRemoteDisplayChannel
 CGCKRemoteDisplayConfigurationDescribes the configurable parameters of a Remote Display session
 C<GCKRemoteDisplaySession>Represents an established session and provides methods for sending frames
 CGCKSenderApplicationInfoContainer class for information about a sender application
 CGCKStreamDescriptorDescribes the common parameters of a Remote Display stream
 CGCKVideoFrameInputBase class for video frame inputs
 CGCKVideoStreamDescriptorDescribes the specific parameters of a Remote Display video stream
 CGCKViewVideoFrameInputSpecialization of GCKVideoFrameInput for UIKit views
 CNSDictionary(GCKAdditions)A category that adds some convenience methods to NSDictionary for setting and safely looking up values of various types

Google Cast iOS Sender API Reference v 2.10.1 4691