Ensures that an AudioListener has the required components to make sure they are not added at runtime.


This component should be added in the Unity editor and not at runtime.

Deprecated. Do not use if you are developing with Unity 5.3+.

This component is required because Unity had a bug on iOS platforms where the OnAudioFilterRead callback was not being called unless the component was present at scene initialization time.

INSTRUCTIONS: Attach this component to the game object that will act as the audio listener for the remote display and assign it as the RemoteAudioListener of the CastRemoteDisplayManager . This component is marked as DontDestroyOnLoad, so make sure to place/parent it correctly when loading scenes. This won't work if you attach this component at runtime.

In Unity 5.3+ this bug was fixed and the CastRemoteDisplayManager will attach the required component at runtime. Simply set the RemoteAudioListener property to any AudioListener.


Inherits from: MonoBehaviour