Dealership provider choice


Google works with a number of partners to get the cars for sale inventory. Dealerships can select their primary and secondary inventory providers directly on Google or turn off their cars for sale.

Step 1: Search for your business name or “my business” on Google Search.

Search for business

Step 2: Click on “Edit profile”

Edit profile

Step 3: Click on “Cars for sale”

Cars for sale

Step 4: Make adjustments to your preferred provider(s), or turn off cars for sale. If you do not set a preferred provider, Google will choose a provider based on the overall data quality, e.g. number of high quality cars based on data completeness (photos, options, VDP, etc) and data freshness.

Select provider


Step 1: Go to your web GMB account (, click on “Support” on the bottom left of the page.

GMB Support

Step 2: Click on “send feedback”

Send feedback

Step 3: In the feedback form, please let us know your preferred cars for sale provider. Please be sure to use the phrase “cars for sale” so our team is notified of your request.

Feedback form