The Developer Relations organization at Google is focused on driving the success of Google's developer products and the open web by creating a thriving ecosystem of 3rd party applications and businesses built on them. We work with technologies such as Google+, Chrome, Android, App Engine, Google Maps, YouTube, and also support our core Google Apps and Ads businesses.

We are in Google's Engineering organization, though we also work closely with Product Management, Marketing, PR, Business Development, and others. We are actively hiring for many junior and senior positions in our global organization.

Developer Advocates

Developer Advocate speaking at an event

Work with partners to showcase the capabilities of our developer products.

As a Developer Advocate, you are the passionate advocate for our newest technologies in the outside world, as well as a vocal advocate for developers' needs within Google. We expect you to be an engineer who thrives on the cutting edge of technology and loves seeing exciting, new applications and business that other developers are building. Your job is to drive momentum for exciting new technologies through a variety of means. You will work with some of our most strategic partners who push our technology to its limits -- your job is to make them successful as they build apps that showcase the potential of our APIs and developer products. You will be the public face of Google representing these products, speaking at conferences, on panels, at user groups, actively blogging & tweeting, and engaging with press and bloggers.

Depending on your product assignment, you may work with various developer communities -- web, enterprise, mobile, social, games, and more. The Developer Advocate position tends to generally be a more senior role, so we are typically looking for those with extensive experience in technical project leadership, either as consultants or as senior software engineers / architects.

Please see our Developer Advocate openings.

Developer Programs Engineers

Grow and support the online developer community.

As a Developer Programs Engineer, your daily job will involve engaging with developers around the world to help them be successful as they develop their applications. You will engage with developers in developer forums, mailing lists, by IRC, and by email. You will also write sample code, open source client libraries, and tutorials that assist developers on using our products. You'll occasionally present at conferences, as well as host developers at hands-on coding Hackathons.

As with the Developer Advocate role and depending on your primary product assignment, you will interact with various developer communities. Some of our DPE positions accept candidates who are straight out of school, while others seek engineers with many years of professional experience. (Note that job postings are fairly generic -- the level at which you're hired depends on your qualifications.)

Please see our > Developer Programs Engineer openings.

Developer Relations Program Managers

Execute scalable programs to make developers worldwide successful using Google developer products.

Developer Relations has three types of program managers, all of whom coordinate and manage scalable outreach and support programs that impact developers around the world.

Program managers on the Global Programs team own worldwide programs. Examples include ownership of the Google Developer Groups community, efforts around our startup and venture capital outreach, Google Developers Live, Google Developers Experts, and more. They set the strategy for the program globally and work closely with regional leads and product program managers to execute.

Our regional leads are located around the world, from Brazil to China, and spearhead Google's DevRel presence in their country. In addition to providing visible leadership for developers in the region, they are responsible for on-the-ground execution of our global programs. They also work with and support local developer communities, initiating activities that meet the needs of the local ecosystem. They meet with local developers and partners in large companies, startups, universities and government, promoting Open standards and Google technologies.

Finally, we have product-specific program managers who are responsible for executing programs to make individual products successful. They run product-focused events, engage with the global program managers to launch programs (such as product-specific training with external partners), and work with regional program managers to promote outreach about their developer product to key global markets.

All candidates need to have a strong technical background, as well as a history as an active participant in developer communities and exceptional project/program management skills. Local language fluency in addition to strong English communication skills is also a key requirement for most regional positions.

Please see our > Developer Relations Program Manager openings.

Developer Products Technical Writers

Write documentation for our developer products.

As a Developer Products Technical Writer, you will learn complex technical information and communicate it in a readable, concise, and accurate manner. You will work on documentation projects that help make developers successful using Google APIs and developer products. Documentation you produce or collaborate on can include any combination of reference manuals, developer guides, code samples, and other effective learning formats.

Some of our Technical Writing positions accept candidates who are straight out of school, while others seek writers with many years of professional experience. (Note that job postings are fairly generic -- the level at which you're hired depends on your qualifications.) We especially value writers with proficiency in modern web programming technologies such as Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and UNIX.

Please see our > Developer Products Technical Writer openings.