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Businesses send trillions of messages every year to communicate with consumers, but sometimes it can be difficult to trust these messages. Senders are often random numbers, and some messages may be misleading.

Verified SMS adds sender verification and branding to business SMS messages, making these messages safer and more trustworthy.

Connect with customers over Verified SMS

Verified SMS helps businesses enhance their conversations with users, build trust, and prevent scams.

Verified SMS works by verifying, on a per-message basis, that content is sent by a specific business. When a message is verified, users see the sender's business name, the sender's business logo, and a verification badge in the message thread.

All communications between businesses and Google are secure, and message content is never shared with Google.

See who's using Verified SMS

1-800 Flowers, Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback, and Sofi are among the first brands to send messages with Verified SMS. Google Identity Verification and Google Pay are enrolled in Verified SMS as well. And more businesses are signing up to be verified every day.
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