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Receive verification receipts

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When you check user capabilities before hashing messages, you confirm that users can verify messages, but not when verification happens or which messages were successfully verified. With verification receipts, you can identify when users successfully verify messages you hashed and stored with Verified SMS.


Before you can you receive verification receipts, you need to

Uniquely identify message verifications

Message hashes stored with message.batchCreate or Verified SMS Sample and SDK version 1.2 or greater accept postbackData values. postbackData can be any base64-encoded value up to 120 bytes, but it's most useful as a unique identifier for a message hash.

By generating a hash identifier, storing it in your infrastructure (along with any complementary data), and including that identifier as postbackData when you store the hash, you can confirm when a user successfully verifies that message hash when the hash identifier appears in a verification receipts postbackData.


Receipts from users have the following format.

  "postbackData": "POSTBACK_DATA",
  "verificationTime": "VERIFICATION_TIME",

For full formatting and value options, see VerifiedSmsCallbackData.