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Register a test organization

Your RBM Platform Google account allows you to use the RBM API, access the RBM documentation, and set up test devices, but it shouldn't be shared with anyone outside your organization. Sometimes, however, you might want a client or an outside group to test your RBM agent before it's launched. In these cases, you can register the group as a test organization with an RBM Tester Google account.

A test organization can create an RBM Tester Google account to set up RBM test devices. RBM Tester Google accounts can't use the RBM API or access the RBM documentation, but they can widen your agent's tester pool and help show worth to clients and stakeholders.

Set up a test organization

  1. Identify a single technical owner in the organization for the RBM Tester Google account. This person should handle all technical details for the account.
  2. Have the technical owner create a new Google account. This account must
    • only be used to set up RBM test devices
    • not be used for other RCS-related partner programs from Google
    • not be a personal Gmail account
  3. Have the technical owner fill out the Test Organization Registration form. Once they submit the form, it can take up to three business days to register the Google account.

Next steps

To set up a test device with an RBM Tester Google account, see Test devices, and use the organization's RBM Tester Google account instead of your RBM Platform Google account.