Office Hours: Jan 11, 2022

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Hear from guest speakers from Walmart and Signet. Register here. Please send the link to all your retail partners and prospects.

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Top questions of the week

"What does a customer see when they enter the conversation?"

A customer will see the welcome messages and conversation starters - the welcome message really sets the tone and expectations. Get tips for making a great one in the Design Guide.

"Can a brand put Business Messages on their own website? "

Yes! Brands can use the web widget or URL entry point to add Business Messages to their own website. The URL entry point can also be used on other brand managed surfaces including Android apps, texts, emails, print and much more.

"A brand is worried they are going to get too many messages, what should I do? "

Simple automation can help reduce the volume of messages sent to live agents and provide customers quick answers to their questions. Have a look at the Design Guide for some tips to help work out where to start and check out the DialogFlow integration for an easy way to get started.

If you have more questions please contact support or ask them at the next Office Hours currently scheduled for Jan 25th.

Integrating Payments 💰💳

Learn about collecting payments and completing the conversational commerce journey. Check out the codelab!


Conversational Design Guide

See the Conversational Design Guide - share it with your team and brands. Did we miss something? Want to see more? Let us know by taking this survey

Coming soon! Read Receipts

  • User Read Receipt events will be forwarded to your webhook
  • Users can opt out of sending read receipts