Office Hours: Nov 09, 2021

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Top questions of the week

How can I add other team members to Office Hours?

Have your team members complete this form and they will start to receive invites to Office Hours.

Is it ok to respond from a bot during non-working hours?

Absolutely and we encourage you to do so. You should use automation when possible to improve engagement with the user and help set expectations.

Can you message a user after a conversation is finished?

Yes, as explained in the Send messages guide, you can send a message to a user up to 30 days after the user's last message.


What improvements can we expect for agent/brand verification?

We recently launched automated verification for businesses that are on Google My Business. This is the recommended solution for high volume verification when the business is a brick and mortar business. You can read more about this here.

If you have more questions please contact support or ask them at the next Office Hours currently scheduled for Nov 30th.

Want to connect?

Business Communications is on Slack. You can join here. This is not a support channel - it is a great way to connect with developers, product owners and our developer relations team.

Coming soon! Business to Consumer - Read Receipts

We are updating the Business Messages API so you can inform users when your agents have read a message. Docs will be updated and more details provided when read receipts are available.

Coming soon! Debug console

See the full inbound and outbound message flow and debug issues with dropped messages directly from within the Business Communications Developer Console. You can join the early access program for this feature here.


Launched! Partner metrics dashboard

See how your agent's are performing from within the Business Communications Developer Console or use the BigQuery APIs to pull the data into your own analytics platform. Check out our developer documentation!


Launched! Dialogflow ES Custom Intents Integration

More ways to easily create simple automation for your agents. Use Dialogflow to understand and respond to user questions without writing code. Check out our developer documentation!


Agent of the week & case study

Thank you to Tango Technology!


Reduced call volume for North Carolina courthouses by 37%. See the Case Study on the Business Messages site

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