Office Hours: Aug 10, 2021

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Industry news 🧨

Sector overview

M&A activity and funding:

Top questions this week 🙋

"Can users enter free text instead of quick replies for the survey"

Currently only fixed replies are supported.

"What happens if the user types text instead of tapping a chip?"

The message will be sent back to you as a standard message and the survey will be stopped.

"What happens if two partners try to launch an agent for the same location?"

Only one agent can be live on a single location. If someone tries to launch an agent when one is already launched they will get an error message. If this happens they should contact support who will work with both partners to get the agent set up correctly.

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What's new? 🚀


See metrics for Business Messages agents in the console. Coming soon!


Automation with Dialogflow


Customizable surveys via the API and Console

Create customized surveys through the API and in the Business Communications Developer Console. Ask up to five questions to get more feedback from users. The survey responses are sent back to your webhook. See details here.


Agent of the week 🤖

Chat with Ava from ADT (by Pypestream). Ava sets expectations for what the agent can do and then uses concise messages to walk customers through the selection process to find the best security solution for them. Chips and carousels make the journey easy and results clear.


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