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  • A conversational representation of a brand, managed by a partner. Includes any interface users interact with and any code or infrastructure required to power the interaction.
  • An organization or group represented by one or more agents.
  • A product to create, verify, and otherwise manage partners' various Business Communications agents.
  • A product to send and receive messages between agents and users.
  • A web tool for managing your agents, brands, and locations.
  • Entry point

    A button or other mechanism through which a user starts a conversation with an agent.
  • An occasion that conveys information, such as a delivery receipt.
  • A location-based language setting that determines which conversational settings and strings to display.
  • A physical location of a brand or business.
  • A discrete set of content (text, media, etc.) sent from one party to another.
  • An individual or group that consumes APIs to create, manage, or operate one or more agents. May be an aggregator, a customer service provider, a brand, a carrier, or any other type of organization or individual.
  • A way to measure the customer satisfaction rating of your Business Messages agent.
  • A process to confirm an agent or location's information and the partner's authorization to use them.
  • A webhook is a partner-supplied web app that handles requests from Business Messages. It contains all the partner's custom behavior for handling messages and events.