Hardware choice

Brillo is supported across ARM, Intel x86, and MIPS-based hardware. Compatible boards conform to specific guidelines, making your development experience simple and consistent. Get started quickly by purchasing an Intel Edison or Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c development board.

Prototype to production

Flexibly prototype your custom application. Easily move from prototype to production. Everything else you need is already built-in.

Operate at scale

Use the provided tools to manage your fleet of devices at scale with OTA updates, runtime metrics, and crash reporting. These secure services are available through a single developer console.

Start developing with Brillo

Build on Brillo with an embedded OS based on Android, core services built-in, a developer kit, and a developer console. Choose from a variety of hardware capabilities and customization options, quickly move from prototype to production, and manage at scale with OTA updates, metrics, and crash reporting.

A solution for everyone


Build devices quickly and securely. Core services such as updates, analytics, and the Weave service are built-in to help you operate devices at scale.

App developers

Extend the reach of your iOS and Android apps to the physical world with Weave. Build one app to control multiple devices in the home and work environments, leveraging Google services such as voice actions.


With Weave built into Brillo, users can feel confident that their connected devices will work with each other. Automatic setup and easy-to-use sharing is built in.

Secure by default

Brillo's built-in security features limit exposure to attacks, the update service allows you to recover compromised devices quickly, and all data can be easily secured by hardware and software-backed encryption.


We've partnered with the following silicon vendors to create boards made for Brillo.

Take a look at Weave

Weave is a comprehensive communications platform for connected devices.

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