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blockly > Procedures > ObservableParameterModel

Procedures.ObservableParameterModel class


export declare class ObservableParameterModel implements IParameterModel 

Implements: IParameterModel


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(workspace, name, id) Constructs a new instance of the ObservableParameterModel class


Method Modifiers Description

Returns the unique language-neutral ID for the parameter.

This represents the identify of the variable model which does not change over time.

getName() Returns the name of this parameter.
getTypes() Returns the types of this parameter.
getVariableModel() Returns the variable model associated with the parameter model.
setName(name) Sets the name of this parameter to the given name.
setProcedureModel(model) Sets the procedure model this parameter is a part of.
setTypes(_types) Unimplemented. The built-in ParameterModel does not support typing. If you want your procedure blocks to have typed parameters, you need to implement your own ParameterModel.