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blockly > Mutator

Mutator class

Class for a mutator dialog.


export declare class Mutator extends Icon 

Extends: Icon


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(quarkNames, block) Constructs a new instance of the Mutator class


Method Modifiers Description
dispose() Dispose of this mutator.
drawIcon_(group) protected Draw the mutator icon.
findParentWs(workspace) static Get the parent workspace of a workspace that is inside a mutator, taking into account whether it is a flyout.
iconClick_(e) protected Clicking on the icon toggles if the mutator bubble is visible. Disable if block is uneditable.
reconnect(connectionChild, block, inputName) static Reconnect an block to a mutated input.
setVisible(visible) Show or hide the mutator bubble.
shouldIgnoreMutatorEvent_(e) Returns whether the given event in the mutator workspace should be ignored when deciding whether to update the workspace and compose the block or not.
updateBlockStyle() Update the styles on all blocks in the mutator.
updateEditable() Add or remove the UI indicating if this icon may be clicked or not.