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BlockDragger class

Class for a block dragger. It moves blocks around the workspace when they are being dragged by a mouse or touch.


export declare class BlockDragger implements IBlockDragger 

Implements: IBlockDragger


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(block, workspace) Constructs a new instance of the BlockDragger class


Property Modifiers Type Description
connectionPreviewer protected IConnectionPreviewer
draggingBlock_ protected BlockSvg The top block in the stack that is being dragged.
dragIconData_ protected IconPositionData[]
startXY_ protected Coordinate
workspace_ protected WorkspaceSvg The workspace on which the block is being dragged.
wouldDeleteBlock_ protected boolean Whether the block would be deleted if dropped immediately.


Method Modifiers Description
disconnectBlock_(healStack, currentDragDeltaXY) protected Disconnects the block and moves it to a new location.
drag(e, delta) Execute a step of block dragging, based on the given event. Update the display accordingly.
dragIcons_() protected Move all of the icons connected to this drag.
endDrag(e, currentDragDeltaXY) Finish a block drag and put the block back on the workspace.
fireDragEndEvent_() protected Fire a UI event at the end of a block drag.
fireDragStartEvent_() protected Fire a UI event at the start of a block drag.
fireMoveEvent_() protected Fire a move event at the end of a block drag.
getInsertionMarkers() Get a list of the insertion markers that currently exist. Drags have 0, 1, or 2 insertion markers.
getNewLocationAfterDrag_(currentDragDeltaXY) protected Calculates the drag delta and new location values after a block is dragged.
maybeDeleteBlock_() protected May delete the dragging block, if allowed. If this.wouldDeleteBlock_ is not true, the block will not be deleted. This should be called at the end of a block drag.
pixelsToWorkspaceUnits_(pixelCoord) protected Convert a coordinate object from pixels to workspace units, including a correction for mutator workspaces. This function does not consider differing origins. It simply scales the input's x and y values.
shouldDisconnect_(healStack) protected Whether or not we should disconnect the block when a drag is started.
startDrag(currentDragDeltaXY, healStack) Start dragging a block.
updateBlockAfterMove_() protected Updates the necessary information to place a block at a certain location.
updateCursorDuringBlockDrag_() protected Update the cursor (and possibly the trash can lid) to reflect whether the dragging block would be deleted if released immediately.
updateToolboxStyle_(isEnd) protected Adds or removes the style of the cursor for the toolbox. This is what changes the cursor to display an x when a deletable block is held over the toolbox.