BlockListUI An interface that specifies the actions that can be taken on a flyout ui component. 
BlockView Draws a block and handles laying out all its inputs/fields. 
BlockViewFactory.MutatorToggleListener Handles a user toggling the UI for a mutator on a block. 
CategorySelectorUI An interface that specifies the actions that can be taken on a category selector ui component. 
Dragger.DragHandler Interface for processing a drag behavior. 
InputView Abstract methods required by Input views. 
MutatorFragment.DismissListener Listener interface for performing cleanup when a MutatorFragment is dismissed. 
MutatorFragment.Factory<T extends MutatorFragment> Each mutator which wants to provide a toggleable UI for the user to mutate the block should have a factory. 


AbstractBlockView<InputView extends InputView> An optional base class for BlockView
AbstractInputView Optional base {@ ViewGroup} representation of an Input to a Block
BlockGroup This wraps a set of sequential BlockView instances. 
BlockRecyclerViewHelper Provides the standard configuration for a ERROR(/ to display a list of blocks, labels, and buttons. 
BlockRecyclerViewHelper.Adapter Adapts Blocks in list into BlockGroups inside {@Link FrameLayout}. 
BlockRecyclerViewHelper.CategoryCallback Internal implementation that listens to changes to the category and refreshes the recycler view if it changes. 
BlockTouchHandler Callback handle for touches to BlockViews. 
BlockViewFactory<BlockView extends BlockView, InputView extends InputView> Base factory class responsible for creating all the BlockViews, InputViews, and FieldViews for a given block representation. 
CategorySelectorUI.Callback Callback for when the user clicks on a category. 
CategoryTabs A CategoryTabs view shows the list of available BlocklyCategorys as tabs. 
CategoryTabs.DefaultTabsAdapter Manages TextView labels derived from default_toolbox_tab
CategoryView View wrapper for toolbox components. 
DefaultVariableCallback Default implementation of BlocklyController.VariableCallback
DeleteVariableDialog Default dialog window shown when deleting a variable in the workspace. 
Dragger Controller for dragging blocks and groups of blocks within a workspace. 
FlyoutCallback Callback for determining the behavior of user actions in a flyout that affect the workspace. 
ItemSpacingDecoration Item decoration that adds spacing around RecyclerView items. 
MutatorFragment Base class for a dialog fragment that displays UI for mutating a block. 
NameVariableDialog Default dialog window shown when creating or renaming a variable in the workspace. 
NonPropagatingViewGroup ViewGroup base class that does not propagate pressed, activated, or selected state to child Views. 
OnDragToTrashListener An View.OnDragListener that is aware of dragged blocks and will trash the blocks if dropped upon. 
PendingDrag PendingDrag collects all the information related to an in-progress drag of a BlockView
RotatedViewGroup ViewGroup that can rotate a child view by 90º either clockwise or counter-clockwise. 
Rotation Rotation constants in 90º increments for View rotation. 
TrashCanView Drop target view for deleting blocks via a drag gesture, with animation. 
ViewPoint A point in view coordinates. 
VirtualWorkspaceView Virtual view of a WorkspaceView
WorkspaceHelper Provides helper methods for view traversal and coordinate conversions. 
WorkspaceView Handles updating the viewport into the workspace and is the parent view for all blocks.