BlocklyController.EventsCallback Callback interface for BlocklyEvents. 
ProcedureManager.Observer Callback listener for changes regarding procedures on the workspace. 


BlocklyController Controller to coordinate the state among all the major Blockly components: Workspace, Toolbox, Trash, models, and views. 
BlocklyController.Builder Builder for configuring a new controller and workspace. 
BlocklyController.VariableCallback Callback for handling requests to modify the list of variables. 
ConnectionManager Controller for Connections. 
FlyoutController Provides control logic for the toolbox and trash in a workspace. 
NameManager Utility functions for handling variable and procedure names. 
NameManager.ProcedureNameManager The NameManager for procedure names. 
NameManager.VariableNameManager The NameManager for variable names. 
ProcedureManager Manages procedure definitions, references and names. 
ProcedureManager.ArgumentIndexUpdate Describes the re-indexing of argument order during a procedure mutation. 
WorkspaceStats Tracks information about the Workspace that we want fast access to.