Google BigQuery

Sign Up for BigQuery

This page describes how to sign up for the Google BigQuery service.

Before You Begin

Before you sign up for BigQuery, you should review the following information:

  • If you have been added to a project with Google BigQuery, you do not need to activate the BigQuery service.

    You can start using the service immediately:

    • Log into the Google APIs Console.
    • Choose the project that has the BigQuery service enabled (indicated on the project's Service pane).
    • If prompted, read and agree to the Terms of Service.
    • Review how to start using BigQuery.

  • If you want to activate BigQuery for the first time, follow the instructions below.

    We recommend reviewing the BigQuery quota policy before you activate the service to decide if BigQuery fits your usage needs.

How To Sign Up

  1. Log in to the Google APIs Console.
  2. Create a new Google APIs Console project or use an existing project.

    If prompted, create a new project. If you already have a project or have multiple projects, select a project from the project drop-down menu at the top of the left-hand navigation bar. Make sure this is the project for which you want to turn on the BigQuery service.

  3. Navigate to the API Services table.

    Click on Services on the left-hand sidebar.

  4. Turn on BigQuery.

    In the All services table, look for BigQuery API and click the toggle button in the Status column. This will turn the BigQuery service on.

  5. If prompted, review the Terms of Service.

    Review and agree to the Terms of Service.

  6. The first 100GB of data you process per month is at no charge, whether or not you enable billing. However, if you do not enable billing, you can only use existing datasets, such as our Sample Datasets. To create your own tables, you must enable billing for your project.If this is an existing project, you might have already enabled billing. Check to see that a yellow exclamation mark does not appear next to the Billing tab in the navigation bar:

    If there is an exclamation mark, you need to enable billing. Click on the Billing tab and enable billing using the Google Checkout button.

That's it! You've activated and signed up for the BigQuery service. Be sure to check out our developer support page to connect with our developers, ask questions, or join the BigQuery community.

Start Using BigQuery

Once you have successfully signed up for BigQuery, you can access the service in several ways:

  • BigQuery Browser Tool

    Use the BigQuery browser tool to easily browse or create tables, run queries, and export data to Google Cloud Storage.

  • bq Command-line Tool

    Download and use the Python command-line tool for managing and querying your data.


    Use the REST-based API to access BigQuery programmatically. There are several client libraries that you can use to call the API. You can perform all the querying and management tasks available in BigQuery using API methods, except managing projects. To manage projects, you must use the APIs Console. The current root URL for the API is

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