Google BigQuery


What is BigQuery?
BigQuery is a web service for doing interactive analysis on very large datasets.
What are the benefits of using BigQuery?
BigQuery offers you a fast and simple way of doing analysis over large datasets. Because it is a service that runs on Google infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about provisioning servers and keeping them running.
How large a dataset can BigQuery process?
We have used BigQuery on datasets that are terabytes in size with trillions of records.
How much does BigQuery cost?
For pricing information, see our price sheet.
I am using another database. Should I move to BigQuery?
It depends on your requirements. BigQuery specializes in running fast, interactive queries against massive datasets. BigQuery cannot be used for transactional (OLTP) applications.
Can I access BigQuery from Google App Engine?
Yes, though it is not required.
How can I be notified when there are any changes to BigQuery?
For BigQuery updates, please subscribe to BigQuery announce mailing list.
How do I report a bug, request a feature, or ask a question?
Please review our Developer Support page for information on how to report bugs, get help, and ask questions.

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