The Google beacon platform is deprecated as of December 7, 2020. The platform will shut down on April 1, 2021.

Projects and Beacon Ownership

Prior to making calls using the Proximity Beacon API or registering beacons with the Beacon Tools apps, you must either create a new project in the Google Developers Console, or be added to an existing project as an Editor or Owner. You should then be sure to enable the Proximity Beacon API, and also the Google Nearby API if you plan to use it to scan for beacons. For more information, see Get Started with the Proximity Beacon REST API.

Any beacon you register with the Proximity Beacon API is associated only with the project under which it was registered. Once registered with a project, the only way to move a beacon to another project is to give the beacon hardware a new beacon ID using the provisioning software from the beacon manufacturer, and then register the beacon with the new project.

Common Questions and Answers

Why can't I see the project I wish to use in the "Select Owning Project" list in Beacon Tools?
Effectively, Beacon Tools needs to verify that you are listed as an Owner, Editor, or a specially defined role with Beacon editing permissions, such as Beacon Editor. If you (here, "you" means the Google account logged in to the Beacon Tools app or the authenticated user calling the Proximity Beacon API) do not have permissions to modify beacons for a particular project, it will not show up in the list.
How do I tell what permissions I have for a particular project?
In Google Developers Console, click on the menu in the top left and then click on Permissions. There, you'll be able to see all the roles this project has as well as which ones you are included in.
I accidentally registered a beacon with project X, but really want it to be associated with project Y. What can I do?
Currently, your only choice is to re-provision the beacon to give it a new beacon ID. This is done via the manufacturer's provisioning app that works with the particular beacons you purchased.
Who can see my beacons and receive attachments in the wild?
To see your beacons and receive attachments for them, an application only needs to have an API key from the project that owns the beacons (this is done in the Google Developers Console). Then they can make calls to the Proximity Beacon API serving APIs — most notably getforobserved or create a beacon subscription in the Google Nearby API.