Beacon Dashboard

The Beacon Dashboard can be used to manage information associated with registered beacons. After you register beacons using Beacon Tools for Android or iOS, the dashboard helps you view and edit information such as the venue where a beacon is deployed, alter beacon properties and also add attachments. Adding venue and location information helps enhance at-a-place functionality for a range of Google products.

The Dashboard uses the JavaScript client library to Proximity Beacon API. If you have specialist requirements, you can use the library to make your own dashboard.


The overview view aggregates your beacons by location, provided that your beacons have associated addresses and latitude/longitude. Additionally, you can explore beacons by attachment namespace/type. This is particularly useful for debugging app behavior at particular locations or when your app has particular Nearby Messages subscriptions active.

Beacon Dashboard overview

The Dashboard supports a range of query options, allowing you to filter to sets of beacons with particular property/value combinations, as well as by location, city, chain, status etc. Filters of different types are joined by AND in the search bar, whereas filters of the same type are joined by OR.

Beacon details

The beacon details view shows the information associated with a particular beacon. Changes are saved automatically and become live immediately, so take care as you alter information.

As well as the registration information, you can add new attachments to beacons in order to enable interactions with apps that maintain an active Nearby subscription.

Beacon Dashboard detail view

Adding Nearby Notifications attachments

Nearby Notifications uses beacon attachments in order to interact with beacons that are registered with your project. By adding a Nearby Notifications attachment, your beacons are able to prompt a variety of notifications. The Beacon Dashboard makes it easy to create Nearby Notifications attachments by filling the neccesary fields in the beacon details view. Select Nearby Notifications from the dropdown.