This product is no longer being developed or maintained.

Open Bidder API Terms of Service

By using this API, you consent to be bound by these terms in addition to the Google APIs Terms of Service ("API ToS") at Any capitalized terms used but not defined below have the meanings assigned to them in the API ToS.

Section 1: Security

You must use reasonable efforts to keep all Open Bidder API data in a secure environment at all times according to commonly acceptable security standards for enterprise data, but in an environment at least as secure as that for your enterprise data. All transfer of CPM data using the Authorized Buyers Real-Time Bidding Protocol must be secured using the Google-provided encryption library and implemented in accordance with instructions provided by Google.

Section 2: Branding

Notwithstanding Section 6 of the API ToS, without Google's prior written approval you are prohibited from displaying Google's Brand Features for the purpose of promoting or advertising that you use this API.

Section 3: Fees

This API is currently being provided free of charge; however, Google reserves the right to change its fee policies with respect to this API with 30 days prior notice.

Section 4: Google Cloud Platform Service

You must read and accept the “Google Cloud Platform License Agreement” and “Google Compute Engine for Authorized Buyers Addendum” prior to utilizing this API.

Section 5: Other Services

You agree not to, and not to allow third parties (including end users), to use this API to access any other Google product or service in a manner that violates the terms of service of such other Google product or service.