This product is no longer being developed or maintained.



Open Bidder uses Google Compute Engine's network and firewall features for its security. The default network will have firewall rules to open a few ports, including port 22 (ssh), but you need to manually create rules for the following additional ports for the bidder:

Before creating any bidders, the UI will create a partitioned Google Compute network for the project and will use these IPs to define basic network and firewall configuration options via the Google Compute API. See the figure and accompanying table below for a description of the rules created on behalf of the user.

Port Function
80 Receive bid requests from the exchange (with HTTP).
Authorized Buyers does not support HTTP, but this port can be used with a load balancer doing the SSL termination.
443 Receive bid requests from the exchange (with HTTP). The bidder supports SSL termination but only using a self-signed certificate, which Authorized Buyers doesn't support, so you will need a load balancer for SSL termination anyway.
9090 Bidder admin pages (HTTP); optional.

Managing project access in the UI

By default, projects you create in the Open Bidder UI will not be visible to other users. In order to manage the users sharing a project, perform the following steps:

  1. Direct your browser to your Open Bidder UI instance.
  2. Select the name of the project you would like to share under the Select a Project drop-down menu.
  3. On the Edit Project page, find the drop-down menu named after your project, and select Manage Users.

  4. On the Manage Users page, you will see a list of users with access to the project and their role.

User Role Permissions
Read Only User may view the project but can’t edit it.
Read/Write User may view and edit the project, but can’t manage users.
Owner User has full control over the project.