This product is no longer being developed or maintained.

Before You Begin

Install dependencies

Before you begin developing with Open Bidder, you must install a few dependencies including the JDK, Maven, and Protocol Buffers. See the README for details (requires access to the project).

Clone Open Bidder and build it

The Open Bidder framework is available as a Google code project. To clone the repository, click on Source, then Create a clone. The Open Bidder framework is composed of a number of Maven sub-modules, including:

Module Description
open-bidder-api Defines the core APIs such as request and response types, interceptors and controllers
open-bidder-binary Contains the base BidderServer and building helpers to assemble bidders
open-bidder-exchange-doubleclick Exchange connector for Authorized Buyers
open-bidder-puppet Puppet modules used to bootstrap bidders
open-bidder-samples A collection of samples demonstrating the use of the API
open-bidder-samples-binary Shows how to configure and deploy a bidder (use as a template for your bidder's binary module)
open-bidder-ui UI that will be deployed to Google App Engine to manage running bidders

Open Bidder is designed such that you will not be required to directly modify this code in order to extend it with custom bidding logic.

To ensure that all dependencies were installed correctly, first run the Open Bidder full build with Maven. Run the following command from the top-level Maven project that contains the sub-modules above:

mvn clean install

If the build and all tests were successful the output should end with a "BUILD SUCCESS" message; otherwise, it will show what failed.

Notice that a simple mvn compile is not good enough; starting from a clean checkout, the minimum build that succeeds is mvn test package. But you need the install goal at least once so Open Bidder's libraries are built and installed in your local Maven repository, to become available for your own projects with custom bidding logic, since Open Bidder's libraries are not published in any public Maven repository.

Next steps

You have now installed the necessary dependencies, cloned the Open Bidder repository and installed it into your local Maven repository. Next we will use the Open Bidder to write your first bid interceptor. Alternatively, if you'd rather run a full deployment test first, skip to the step Creating App Engine Project and Application.